Tuesday, June 22, 2004

More on the Frozen Dairy Bar...

...maybe I should give it one more try. I still think it can't taste as good as it did on the old machines.

Frozen Dairy Bar Returns--Again!

By Dave Conway, 21 April 2001

That's right! The 50 year-old Frozen Dairy Bar that used to be located in a freestanding building on Route 50 near Annandale Road (the site of the current IHOP) is back! The new location is a stone's throw away from the old one in Sleepy Hollow Center between IHOP and CVS.

Those of us who remember the smooth, creamy taste of the chocolate and vanilla ice cream also remember the long lines and high prices. When the original owners returned to Sleepy Hollow Center a few years ago, the long lines were replaced by unfriendly service, stark décor, and random closings.

The new owners have been customers of the Frozen Dairy Bar since their early childhood. If you stopped by over the last six months, you probably noticed that the servings were bigger, the prices cheaper, and the service friendly. Just recently, they redecorated by turning the counter to give customers more room and by adding some décor.

Unfortunately, the taste was not quite as creamy as it used to be many years ago. The original machines had been poorly maintained, and the former owners replaced them years ago with a more traditional ice cream making machine. If you stop by now, you will taste a difference. The current owners have purchased a new version of the old-fashioned custard machine that makes a smoother, creamier ice cream. It slowly drops into refrigerated buckets and must be scooped by hand-just like it used to be!

The new owners have a passion for the local community. They are partnering with Westlawn and other area elementary schools to provide certificates for free ice cream cones, which they call Sweet Treat Awards, to students for various accomplishments. They also pay to advertise in our newsletter, and give us a coupon to boot! The more we frequent them and other businesses that advertise in our newsletter, the more likely they are to stay and provide our community with useful services. Bon appetìt!


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